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beganhu Bamboo Pore Care soap

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  • Size7 * 7 * 2 cm
  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Bamboo pore care soap : 


It removes old callus and wastes from pores through sebum adsorption as well as  


exfoliation effects. It provides nutrient and moisture to waste removed skin pores and it  


supplies elasticity to the skin after face wash. It adds moisture and gloss to the skin.   




Ingredients : 



Bamboo charcoal, Persimmon leaf, Marronnier seed, Chestnut shell, Green tea leaf,  


Ulmus macrocarpa, Marine collagen, Porphyra pseudolinearis, Pinnatifida, Laminaria,  


Codium fragile, Sargassum fulvellum, Olive oil, Murumuru butter, Macadamia oil, Shea  


butter, Camellia oil, Hyaluronic acid, Lavender E.O, Lemon E.O   



beganhu Soap feature : 


1. It is real natural soap that is closer to the nature because 100% natural soap berry (Soapberry) base is only used.


2. Safety and effectiveness are enhanced as cosmetic certified extracts are contained.


3. It has excellent skin affinity with little irritation since nature derived vegetable components are contained.


4. It provides nutrient and gloss to the skin as it contains natural vegetable oil and premium essential oil.


5. Began Hu soap has been developed by long term co-research with various partners including bio center, herbal medical clinic and universities.


6. Soap berry: It is fruit of Soapberry tree and rich saponin is contained in bark. Saponin is reacting with water to generate foam. Since long time ago, it has been used as natural cleanser in India and Asian region. Unlike synthetic surfactant, excellent natural component, saponin generates healthy foam. This soap berry does not irritate the skin with excellent cleaning effect.





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beganhu Bamboo Pore Care soap

beganhu Bamboo Pore Care soap

beganhu Bamboo Pore Care soap